Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal

Payoneer Mastercard in Nepal for those who are internet enthusiasts, you know that internet funds transaction is a vital part of the process. But still, there is a considerable gap with international money transfer in Nepal. Though PayPal doesn’t support Nepal, Payoneer is doing a great job making the life of Nepali Freelancer easier. Any

eSewa The Unknown Features

eSewa The Unknown Features: Being a Nepali Citizen how many of you use eSewa? I am sure most of you do but, how many of you know the unknown feature of eSewa? I assume, most of you don’t! eSewa is one of the oldest digital wallets in Nepal used by thousands of people all over

Home Loans in Nepal

Home Loans in Nepal: In today’s banking world, home loans have become quite a normal day-to-day activity. The banks give out billions of money to the public as home loans every year. The demand for home loan services keeps increasing as more people dream of owning a house. This home loan service has been in

Development Banks in Nepal

Development Banks in Nepal: Banks are an important part of a country’s economy. There are distinct types of bank and each has its own purpose, commitments, and aims. The development bank in Nepal is one such financial institute that takes a lot of effort and commitment to push the country’s economy to the next level.

How The Dollar Became So Powerful Currency

The Dollar is the official currency of the United States and its territories, but, also, some other countries use it as their official currency too. In fact, the U.S. dollar is known as the world’s reserve currency. More than $1.8 trillion of U.S. currency is now in circulation around the world, and it’s believed that